The Firm

KBR is one of a limited number of independent investment banking partnerships in the City of London. It is a well-respected firm, with roots
traceable back over 200 years, specialising in corporate finance, broking and capital-raising for corporate clients; and ensuring institutional
investors are regularly and fully informed about the client companies in which they hold, or might acquire, interests. In a world of conflicted
interests, short-termism and failures in compliance, KBR does not hesitate to put its clients first in order to build long-term relationships.
Everything we do is with our clients’ best interests at heart. We are proprietor-led and can focus exclusively on our clients without external distractions. As a firm we draw on over two centuries of accumulated corporate history, as well as the extensive experience of our team of analysts and executives. The roster that we have carefully assembled possesses, collectively, vast knowledge of the markets in which we operate, gathered through many years’ experience at a wide range of City and overseas institutions. Our research covers the broad
spread of sectors detailed below. We believe that our analysts are the very antithesis of the City’s derided ‘teenage scribblers’; they have a real feel for how their industries work and what makes for corporate clients’ financial success. Allied to this, we have a keen understanding
of how our principal markets of LSE, AIM, and ISDX work; and how they can best be utilised to serve our clients’ needs. The executive team also has experience of listings on stockmarkets in Europe and elsewhere. We are conscious that our compliance standards need to be beyond reproach and continuously upheld. We devote considerable effort to ensuring that KBR meets all the regulatory standards required
of it, especially through our proactive relationships with the FCA, the exchange regulators and the Takeover Panel.

Our Difference

KBR’s sector knowledge, experience, intelligent use of research, wide-ranging network of contacts, insight and market instinct are the
pillars of its advisory services. We deliver an experienced, dedicated and focused team to every client. We thereby ensure a continuous,
high-quality service to a broad range of clients. KBR ensures continuity of advice and has a keen appreciation of the clients’ strategies
and requirements. The firm prides itself on working with dynamic and entrepreneurial companies.

A focused and enthusiastic team with a wide spectrum of sector expertise has given the KBR a reputation for delivering a premium service to clients